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Tubby Table: Keeping Bathtime Fun!

March 31, 2014 in Bathroom by Anna

Tubby Table Review by Learn Like A Mom!  #tubbytablereview #productreview #bathtime

Big Brother: “I don’t want soap, Mom!”

Big Brother: “Mommy, may we please skip my hair?”

Little Brother: Happily engaging in anything Big Brother wants to do.

Me: “Keep the water in the tub!”

Me: “Do you see these water marks all over the wall?”

Me: “Look at this water on the floor!”

These are common phrases at our house during evening bath times.

Yes, my son will use his manners…along with a smile and head nod that tells you he really knows what works…sometimes.

I was recently given a Tubby Table in exchange for this Tubby Table Review, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Tubby Table Review

Tubby Table Review by Learn Like A Mom!  #tubbytablereview #productreview #bathtime

The Tubby Table is exactly what is sounds like…a table for the tub. It was designed to keep water during bath play time in the tub. It features five numbered cups of different colors and shapes that fit nicely into holes on the table top.

Tubby Table Review by Learn Like A Mom!  #tubbytablereview #productreview #bathtime

Instead of having children line up cups of water along the bathtub edge, they can fill water cups and place them on the Tubby Table instead. They can use the cups provided or any plastic cups they prefer. They can also play with any other toys of their choice. The table simply provides a focal point for bath time fun and the table height can be adjusted as your children grow.

You can see though…that Big Brother was still interested in using the side of the tub!

Tubby Table Review by Learn Like A Mom!  #tubbytablereview #productreview #bathtime

The Tubby Table is simple to assemble and can be done in a very short amount of time. I’d suggest that you assemble it prior to bath time because you will need to follow the directions and use a screwdriver to connect some of the pieces. This isn’t something your children will want to sit and watch you do during the moment you’re about to have them bathe with a new toy.

Tubby Table Review by Learn Like A Mom!  #tubbytablereview #productreview #bathtime

I followed the directions to properly place the Tubby Table in the tub, but for some reason I couldn’t get the suction cup to adhere properly. Well, I thought I did, but then when the boys were playing with it, if they applied pressure to one side, it would tip. If you have younger children that might pull up on it or try to use it to brace themselves, be on the lookout. I wouldn’t want them to fall into the water.

Tubby Table Review by Learn Like A Mom!  #tubbytablereview #productreview #bathtime

The boys were so excited when they got to play with the Tubby Table. They loved filling and dumping the cups. They’d dump the water through the holes and liked the center one the most. They would try to fill up the cylinder that runs from the table top down to the suction cup end, but there are little holes for drainage (which I really, really liked), so they never won their self-imposed challenge. They also liked trying to complete the puzzle of making sure they placed each cup in its proper hole.

Tubby Table Review by Learn Like A Mom!  #tubbytablereview #productreview #bathtime

I was a little disappointed that there was only one non-slip bath mat since I have the boys bathe together and play together, but additional non-slip bath mats can be purchased at Tubby Table Toys.

I also thought it was quite large and took up a lot of space in the bathtub. It was harder to wash the kids, when I had to work around it. Storage after bath times was a bit difficult too because of its size and awkward shape. If I didn’t leave it in the tub, I didn’t really have a place to put it. However, when I removed it from the bathroom one day to clean, the boys enjoyed playing with it in the hallway just as much as they did in the bathtub!

Tubby Table Review by Learn Like A Mom!  #tubbytablereview #productreview #bathtime

Overall, I think the boys enjoyed the Tubby Table. (I mean, doesn’t Little Brother look a tad happy in the picture above?) They were given their own area to play and the option to play together over the table. I don’t think it resolved the water splashing problem, but with little boys in a tub full of water and toys, I’m bound to get wet!

The Tubby Table sells at Tubby Table Toys or Amazon for $29.99 plus shipping.

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Do you know someone that would love a Tubby Table?

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Books About Adoption

March 24, 2014 in Social Studies by Anna

This list contains five children’s books about adoption. This subject is very near and dear to my heart for several different reasons. I think adoption is a very emotional experience on all ends and I applaud those that have decided to go the “adoption route” for whatever reasons. Whether you give up a child or take one in, it is not an easy decision.

Picture books about adoption from Learn Like A Mom! #adoption #childrensbooks #adoptionbooks

These books are listed in no particular order and this post contains affiliate links. (You will notice that I don’t have pictures of the individual books throughout this post and I’m writing in a brief way. Please comment to let me know if you like this format better than formats like this, or not.)

Five Books About Adoption

Ten Days and Nine Nights by Yumi Heo is especially appealing to me because it involves the adoption of a little girl from Korea. That’s where my niece came from! I like how it has a shared timeline of preparation back at home, while Mommy flies all the way to Korea to bring Baby Girl back.

I’m Adopted by Shelley Rotner and Sheila M. Kelly is full of photographs of blended families and adopted children. It’s laced with various adoption arrangements that can take place.

We Belong Together by Todd Parr is arranged in a way that each piece of the puzzle is found to fill the gap for a child or family. Essentially, various needs are met through adoption.

Rebecca’s Journey Home by Brynn Olenberg Sugarman and Illustrated by Michelle Shapiro is an excellent book that shares the many hats people wear throughout life. Rebecca Rose (who is also Le Thi Hong and Rivka Shoshanah) is Vietnemese, American, and Jewish by the end of her adoption!

I Love You Like Crazy Cakes by Rose Lewis and Illustrated by Jane Dyer is the final book about adoption in this roundup and is based on the author’s own experience. It tugged at my heartstrings on the very last page, when the mother holds her new baby in her arms and sheds tears for the birth mother a world away. I remember crying after having my first son, thinking of how hard it had to be for my own mother to give up her son so many years ago.

Have you ever thought of adopting a child? (I certainly have…)

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Banana and Chocolate Leprechaun Hats

March 13, 2014 in Recipes by Anna

One of my top posts in 2013 was Banana and Chocolate Pilgrim Hats. That recipe is what inspired me to create these banana and chocolate leprechaun hats. I used white chocolate with green food coloring to create the hat and brim and green writing icing to decorate them.

Banana and Chocolate Leprechaun Hats - Learn Like A Mom! #stpatricksday #recipe #dessert

How to Create Banana and Chocolate Leprechaun Hats

Step One: Peel a banana and cut it into segments. Try to cut at various angles to have banana pieces stand flat once they are cut.

Banana and Chocolate Leprechaun Hats - Learn Like A Mom!  #stpatricksday #recipe #dessert

Banana and Chocolate Leprechaun Hats - Learn Like A Mom!  #stpatricksday #recipe #dessert

Step Two: Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and set bananas on it.

Banana and Chocolate Leprechaun Hats - Learn Like A Mom! #stpatricksday #recipe #dessert

Step Three: Following the directions on the box, melt Baker’s white chocolate. Then mix in some green food coloring.

Banana and Chocolate Leprechaun Hats - Learn Like A Mom! #stpatricksday #recipe #dessert

Banana and Chocolate Leprechaun Hats - Learn Like A Mom! #stpatricksday #recipe #dessert

I will continue with the recipe in just a second.

Here is where I ran into some problems and I’d love your feedback. As soon as I mixed in the green food coloring all of the melted chocolate was clumped up, becoming more of a paste.

Do you think it was the food coloring? The white chocolate? Or the time I spent taking pictures while making these? (I took pictures of the pilgrim hats too, but didn’t use food coloring or white chocolate.)

I then had to heat a second batch of chocolate and temper in the chocolate that was already dyed to get back to melted chocolate and continue.

Keep reading to see what happens.

Step Four: Using a spoon, drop the chocolate over the banana, allowing the excess to pool around the base of the banana to form the brim of the hat.

Banana and Chocolate Leprechaun Hats - Learn Like A Mom! #stpatricksday #recipe #dessert

Banana and Chocolate Leprechaun Hats - Learn Like A Mom! #stpatricksday #recipe #dessert

Banana and Chocolate Leprechaun Hats - Learn Like A Mom! #stpatricksday #recipe #dessert

Here’s what happened…

As the chocolate was sliding down the sides of the bananas, the weight of the chocolate pulled it down upon itself, exposing the bananas. Adding more chocolate only resulted in the same. If you can’t see it in the pictures above, you’ll see it below.

Step Five: Put the cookie sheet in your freezer for an hour or until the chocolate is solid. These pictures show the hats after 45 minutes and you can see that they weren’t quite frozen. You can also see the banana exposure even more!

Banana and Chocolate Leprechaun Hats - Learn Like A Mom! #stpatricksday #recipe #dessert

Step Six: Using green writing icing, create buckles or shamrocks to decorate the hats.

Banana and Chocolate Leprechaun Hats - Learn Like A Mom! #stpatricksday #recipe #dessert

Although these didn’t turn out as well as my pilgrim hats, they have potential and I hope I can make them even better next year. If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them! I’m not a cook, chef, or baker…Just a mom that’s trying to learn!

What do you think could solve the melted and drizzled chocolate problem?