2014 Olympics Opening Ceremony Scavenger Hunt

February 7, 2014 in Family, Teaching by Anna

The 2014 Winter Olympics is HERE! It’s odd to be sitting here watching coverage of the XXII Winter Olympic Games before the opening ceremony has even taken place, but I just love it! I love, love, love The Olympics! Which is why I decided to have The Olympics Link Up that’s been happening for the past three weeks and still has three weeks to go! (So, link up!)

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This is a 2014 Olympics Opening Ceremony Scavenger Hunt that you’ll want to have handy during the opening ceremonies. It’s purpose is to add a little fun to the pomp and circumstance of the international event.

If the kids get restless, but you just want to keep watching…it can be a good distraction.

It can also help you get the older kids in front of the TV if you want them to be inspired by the pride, sportsmanship, and overall result of hard work and dedication.

Maybe you want them to see where they could be one day.

Maybe you just want them in the room with you!

Whatever your reason, here it is!

Click on this link to get your copy of The 2014 Olympics Opening Ceremony Scavenger Hunt!

As you watch the opening ceremony, circle or cross off each picture you see or action you observe. It’s fairly simple and I don’t think it takes much more explanation. So, have some fun and enjoy the XXII Winter Olympics!

While you’re in the spirit you might enjoy this Olympics Pictogram Memory Game or this short list of Books About The Olympics.

What is your favorite thing about the opening ceremonies?