Books About Adoption

March 24, 2014 in Family, Teaching by Anna

This list contains five children’s books about adoption. This subject is very near and dear to my heart for several different reasons. I think adoption is a very emotional experience on all ends and I applaud those that have decided to go the “adoption route” for whatever reasons. Whether you give up a child or take one in, it is not an easy decision.

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These books are listed in no particular order and this post contains affiliate links. (You will notice that I don’t have pictures of the individual books throughout this post and I’m writing in a brief way. Please comment to let me know if you like this format better than formats like this, or not.)

Five Books About Adoption

Ten Days and Nine Nights by Yumi Heo is especially appealing to me because it involves the adoption of a little girl from Korea. That’s where my niece came from! I like how it has a shared timeline of preparation back at home, while Mommy flies all the way to Korea to bring Baby Girl back.

I’m Adopted by Shelley Rotner and Sheila M. Kelly is full of photographs of blended families and adopted children. It’s laced with various adoption arrangements that can take place.

We Belong Together by Todd Parr is arranged in a way that each piece of the puzzle is found to fill the gap for a child or family. Essentially, various needs are met through adoption.

Rebecca’s Journey Home by Brynn Olenberg Sugarman and Illustrated by Michelle Shapiro is an excellent book that shares the many hats people wear throughout life. Rebecca Rose (who is also Le Thi Hong and Rivka Shoshanah) is Vietnemese, American, and Jewish by the end of her adoption!

I Love You Like Crazy Cakes by Rose Lewis and Illustrated by Jane Dyer is the final book about adoption in this roundup and is based on the author’s own experience. It tugged at my heartstrings on the very last page, when the mother holds her new baby in her arms and sheds tears for the birth mother a world away. I remember crying after having my first son, thinking of how hard it had to be for my own mother to give up her son so many years ago.

Have you ever thought of adopting a child? (I certainly have…)