Books About The Olympics

January 30, 2014 in Teaching by Anna

Picture Books About The Olympics! - Learn Like A Mom! #olympics #education #books #childrensbooks

This is a list of books appropriate for younger readers about The Olympics. However, I will say…I learned a lot by reading them myself! They are probably more juvenile nonfiction than picture book, but I think elementary kids would find them interesting.

I have typically been providing ten books in my book lists, but recently made the choice to make shorter lists, in order to save time for you and myself AND in hopes of being able to cover more topics over time.

Well, there were not that many children’s books about The Olympics at my local library! So, I only have three to share with you today!

Three Books About The Olympics

Books About The Olympics! - Learn Like A Mom! ? #olympics #books #education

Books About The Olympics! - Learn Like A Mom! ? #olympics #books #education

Modern Olympic Games and Ancient Olympic Games are both part of The Olympics Series by Hadyn Middleton. They both contain a glossary and resource section and are split into two-page chapters covering various topics.

Books About The Olympics! - Learn Like A Mom! ? #olympics #books #education

The World of Olympics by Nick Hunter is part of another series by Heinemann Library. It also contains a glossary, resource section, and two-page chapters throughout.

All three of these books contain trivia, history, and images that give readers the chance to go behind what they may see on T.V. I’m telling you…read any one of these books, and you’ll learn something you didn’t know about The Olympics!

Adding these books to your home or classroom library is bound to intrigue children (and even adults) to learn more about what might be one of the most exciting world events that only takes place every few years!

To add more fun to your classroom or home, you may enjoy this Olympics Pictogram Memory Game!

What is your favorite book about The Olympics?