Glow-in-the-Dark Decorative Pumpkins

October 3, 2013 in Creations by Anna

Glow in the Dark Decorative Pumpkins from Learn Like A Mom! Brighten up the fall season with a twist!

These decorative pumpkins are an easy way to add a little something around the house for fall or Halloween…with a twist! When I saw an ad for Krylon Glowz glow-in-the-dark spray paint, I had to try it. I didn’t just want to spray the pumpkins and be done, so I gave it some thought, added some stencils and paint, and here you go…pumpkins that look great in the daylight and glow in the dark! You might even want them for a fall festival or Oktoberfest!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links to the materials I used to make these pumpkins!

Materials for Glow-in-the-Dark Decorative Pumpkins

Plain craft pumpkins

Stencils…I chose leaves and bats, but you could use whatever you’d like!

Scratch paper

Pencil or pen


Double-sided sticky tape

Newspaper or something else to cover your work area

Glow-in-the-dark spray paint

A variety of paint (I like washable tempura paint.)

Paint brushes

Containers to hold the paint


Glitter glue

Steps to Make Glowing Pumpkins

Step One: Gather materials. You’ll need the pumpkins, a pen, scratch paper, some stencils, a pair of scissors, some double-sided sticky tape, the spray paint, and the newspaper for the first portion of this project.

Pumpkins and stencils

Step Two: Trace the stencils onto a scratch piece of paper and then cut them out.

trace and cut out stencils for the pumpkins

Step Three: Tape the stencils to the pumpkins. Make sure you try to get the edges as best you can because when you spray the paint, you don’t really want it going under the paper or you’ll lose the appearance you’re going for.

tape stencils to pumpkins

Step Four: Cover your work area and follow the directions on the can of spray paint. Spray as evenly as you can over the surface of the pumpkin. Pay close attention to the edges of your stencils and keep in mind that the paint is hard to see. You may feel like you’re spraying very little, but it’s likely you’re spraying like normal.

spray paint pumpkins

Step Five: Allow the paint to dry according to the directions on the can of spray paint. Then remove the paper and tape carefully.

This is what your pumpkins will look like at this point.

plain spray painted pumpkins

You could stop here. Or….You could go for something even better…

glow in the dark decorative pumpkins

Let’s keep going, shall we?

Step Six: Gather the materials for this portion of the project. You’ll need Q-tips, paintbrushes, a variety of paint, and containers for the paint. You might as well grab the glitter glue while you’re at it.

paint for the pumpkins

Step Seven:  Using the Q-tips, outline the figures on your pumpkin so they are recognizable.

trace outlines of figures on pumpkins

Step Eight: Using the paintbrushes, paint in the rest of the shapes.

decorative pumpkins

Step Nine: For the bat, I added one more little detail by making two eyes using the glitter glue.

add eyes on bat on pumpkin

Step Ten: Decorate!

Glow in the Dark Decorative Pumpkins from Learn Like A Mom! Brighten up the fall season with a twist!

What is your favorite decoration for the fall season or Halloween?