My Favorite Blog Posts from 2013

January 8, 2014 in Learning by Anna

2013 was the year I started Learn Like A Mom, and I didn’t start until July, so my favorite blog posts from 2013 are really from the last six months.

My Favorite Blog Post from 2013 - Learn Like A Mom!…osts-from-2013/ #ece #books #kids #blogging

I recently shared the Top Blog Posts in 2013, which were decided by Google Analytics, but there were some of my favorites that weren’t included.

Since this is my blog and I can share whatever I’d like, I wanted to share some faves of my own!

They’re really in no certain order, but I’ll tell you why I like each one of them.

My Fun Fall Pancakes post is a fave because it was a fun morning getting creative in the kitchen with the kids and there’s always a learning experience involved there.

Fun Fall Pancakes to create with the kids! - Learn Like A Mom! #breakfast #fall #halloween #kids

I love the post on making these Photo Magnets because I love pictures and finding a use for my Shutterfly negative sheets was an added bonus.

Photo Magnets Using Shutterfly Negative Sheets! from Learn Like A Mom! ? #diy #photos #magnets #homedecor

I absolutely LOVE this Walnut Kale Pesto in the one recipe that I’m sharing on this list. I had it on Portabello Burgers here, but it’s delish on anything.

Walnut Kale Pesto Portabello Mushroom Burgers - Learn Like A Mom!…shroom-burgers/ ? #kale #pesto #recipes #burgers #portabello

I couldn’t have a list of my favorite blog posts without including a book list. I like this list of Santa Books a lot because A) I love Christmas, B) I love Santa, C) I love reading, and D) I met Stacy McAnulty, the author of Dear Santasaurus at a writer’s conference in September 2013…and she’s talented, humble, honest, and hard-working.

Ten Santa Books - Learn Like A Mom! #childrensbooks #books #santa #christmas

Speaking of children’s book authors, some of the best hours of 2013 for me was listening to Eric Carle speak about his life and work. What I Learned From Eric Carle was also one of my first blog posts.

What I learned from Eric Carle - Learn Like A Mom! #books #childrensbooks #illustrator #education #children

As I have started this journey of professional blogging, I have learned a ton! I like this post on Webhosting because it’s something I’ve learned about, but still could learn more!

Why YOU Should Care About Web Hosting - Learn Like A Mom! #blogging #webhosting #websites

I’m not a North Carolina Native, but when you live here, you’re considered a Tar Heel. (Whether you’re a fan of the UNC Tar Heels or not.) I like these Tar Heel Footprints because these feet add life to my house! Plus it’s a cute home decoration!

Personalized Tar Heel Family Footprints Decoration...Home is where we hang our heels! - Learn Like A Mom! #tarheels #decoration #footprints

And, that concludes my favorite blog posts of 2013!