National Hug Your Hound Day

September 7, 2013 in Family by Anna

national hug your hound day

Did you know the second Sunday in September is Hug Your Hound Day? It’s not only a reminder to love your four-legged family member, but it’s a day set aside to encourage dog owners to get their furry friends out and about.

In honor of National Hug Your Hound Day, I thought I would gather a list of places you can take your friendly and well trained dogs. Some may be obvious and I hope others are new to you! Of course, you should always call first just to verify that having your loyal friend join you is okay!

Places To Hug Your Hound In Public

Petsmart, Petcoor your locally owned pet store! When you go shopping for your dog, why not take them with you? They’ll love the adventure and the chance to smell all those delightful scents! Just don’t forget the leash!

The dog park! This may be a no-brainer, but don’t forget the parks set aside just for dogs to run around and enjoy other dogs!

The human park! Many parks smile upon well-behaved and friendly dogs that are playful with their owners. A park may just be the wide open space your dog needs to finally leap and catch that frisbee!

Hiking! Many parks or trails welcome dogs on leashes. It’s important that dogs get exercise and they’ll love being outside with you! Bring water for them as well as yourself, and don’t forget to carry a few plastic bags. Other hikers would like to enjoy a poop-free trail!

Out to lunch! What?!? Yes! It’s true. Various restaurants will allow pet owners to bring their fury friends and let them rest outside by their feet. The best way to find out for yourself is call the restaurant and ask about their policy!

Out to the ball game! Here is a list within my list of different baseball stadiums that host games you can bring your dog to! (Be sure to contact each ticket office for further details. Many stadiums require owners to read rules and regulations or sign waivers.) This list is not complete. Check with your local team…big or small!

Washington Nationals Pups in the Park

Cincinnati Reds Bark in the Park

Dog Day at Texas Rangers Ballpark

Royals Bark at the K Event

Diamondbacks Bark in the Park

Dog Day and Futures at Fenway

To the beach! Some beaches encourage dogs to run free…as long as owners pick up after them and they behave themselves! You’ll likely have to check with the state or county for official dog laws.

To the lake! If your dog loves water, they would probably love the lake. Just be sure to bring some extra towels for the car ride home!

On a walk! Don’t forget the most convenient option of all! Just put your dog on a leash and take them for a walk. The fresh air and change of scenery will do you both good!

Wherever you decide to take your dog, don’t forget to give them an extra hug on National Hug Your Hound Day!

Where is a special place you like to take your favorite pet?