Reading Roundup: Veterans’ Day Books

November 7, 2013 in Teaching by Anna

November 11th is known as Veterans’ Day in America and is always celebrated on the day of the week it lands. That means it’s not always a Monday holiday. It is a holiday where we take a moment and remember veterans past and present that have dutifully served our country.

In honor of this holiday, I have gathered six Veterans’ Day books for children. Each of these books comes from a different series. Each book that is presented here about one branch of the military is part of a series that contains books about the other branches of the military. I thought I would choose one branch from each series, so you could understand how the other books about the other branches would be presented by that series. (I sure hope that makes sense!)

Anyway, this list is in no certain order. It contains affiliate links.

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Six Veterans' Day Books! - Learn Like A Mom! In America, November 11th is Veterans' Day...a time to honor our U.S. Veterans. Here's a list of children's books to help them celebrate.

Six Veterans’ Day Books

Veterans Day by Amanda Doering Tourville and Illustrated by Todd Ouren

Part of the Our Nation’s Pride Series, this book explains to readers why we have the celebrations and the holiday that we do today. It goes through the history of Armistice Day and the first anniversaries of it. (Not just here, but in other parts of the world as well.) The book introduces the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, explains the name change to Veterans’ Day, and discusses the ways we can show our gratitude and respect to America’s Veterans. There is a short glossary and fun facts about Veterans’ Day at the end of the book.

Navy: Civilian to Sailor by Meish Goldish

This book, from the Becoming a Soldier Series, focuses on the training that a civilian goes through when they join the U.S. Navy. It discusses many things that takes place at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Illinois. Rather than focusing on the jobs within the U.S. Navy, it highlights many of the steps it takes to graduate from basic training. There is a short glossary and an preparation page for those interested in joining the Navy.

United States Army by John Hamilton

As part of the United States Armed Forces Series, this book educates readers about the U.S. Army. It defines the U.S. Army, gives a history, discusses various sections of the army, different vehicles and transportation used by the army, and how the army looks moving forward. This book also contains a two page glossary of terms.

The Air Force by John Hamilton

As part of the Defending the Nation Series, Hamilton gets into more detail in this book than the previous one. However, he still covers the definition of the U.S. Air Force, the history of it and aviation, the different sections, the training, and its future. This book also includes a timeline of the U.S. Air Force, some fun facts, and information on rank and organization within this branch of the military. There is also a short glossary.

The U.S. Marine Corps by Jennfier Reed

A Pebble Plus book, this book simply defines the U.S. Marine Corps and where and how it fights for our country. It discusses various jobs, machines, and tools within this branch of the military. It has a glossary, but also includes a short list of resources to learn more.

Military Animals by Julie Murray

As part of the Going to Work Series, Animal Edition, this book discusses part of the U.S. Military that is often forgotten, but plays a large part in many different ways…the animals of the armed forces. Most of us think of dogs when we hear “military animals.” Although this book covers dogs, it also talks about the importance of pigeons, dolphins, sea lions, mules, oxen, and horses in military training and service. This book also contains short animals stories and facts and a glossary.

How do you take time to honor our U.S. Veterans?