Thirty-One Product Review

October 17, 2013 in Reviews by Anna

thirty-one tote product review - Learn Like A Mom!

I recently met an independent director with Thirty-One Gifts. She provided me with this Thirty-One product to conduct this review.

Prepare for a collective gasp, as I have to admit that I’ve never used nor owned any Thirty-One product! (And…there’s the gasp I’m imagining!) Having said that, I would be living under a rock if I had never seen the products before. I most definitely have and I’m certain most of you have too. You know, Thirty-One, people! The decorative bags of all shapes and sizes that serve every purpose imaginable!

Before we get to the review, let me share a few things she told me about Thirty-One!

First of all, it’s appropriate that we’re doing this now because the first catalog came out ten years ago in October of 2003! Happy 10th year, Thirty-One!

The first “office” was in Scott and Cindy Monroe’s basement!

If you wonder where the name Thirty-One came from (like I did), wonder no more! It came from Proverbs 31!

Now, on to the review!

I was given free products to conduct this review, but as always my opinions are my own.

I decided to give my Thirty-One product a thirty-one day challenge. Don’t worry, I didn’t take 31 pictures, but I took a few. I chose to review this organizing utility tote!

I used this tote in a variety of ways. For a week, I replaced my diaper bag with the tote. I found there were reasons that this is not a diaper bag…nor is it meant to be one. I also used the tote when we went to church, but since there is no cover, I couldn’t keep the boys out of my stuff and slowly provide them with entertainment. Instead, they just wanted everything all at once.

One of the very first things I noticed about this Thirty-One tote was that on one side, there were three pockets, but on the other, only two. At first I thought, “Why not have three on each side?” But then I tried it on. Ah-ha! There’s a spot for me! I liked how the space between the pockets allowed the bag to rest nicely against my body. And, if you didn’t know it, Thirty-One allows you to get personal with your purchase! This spot also provides a place for such personalization.

thirty-one product review - Learn Like A Mom!

When I packed for a short family road trip to a relative’s house for a pool party, the tote held a change of clothes for four people, two beach towels, bottles of water, regular and swimming diapers, all sorts of sunblock, my wallet, some toiletries, and my camera (which is obviously not in the picture.)

thirty-one product review - Learn Like A Mom!

When I went to a writer’s conference, the tote held all of the books I had purchased, my notebook, several handouts and folders, my business cards, and a cardigan to keep me warm.

thirty-one product review - Learn Like A Mom!

thirty-one product review - Learn Like A Mom!

What I have found myself using the tote for the most often is hauling books to and from the library for all of my reading roundups. (If you missed the last one, it was about firefighters and fire safety.) This bag is deceiving because it can hold more than you think, before you even fill the outside pockets! If I was still teaching, it would be my teacher bag.

The only thing I would add would be an interior pocket so I could slip my keys, phone, or cash and credit cards inside it. That way they wouldn’t fall out the top or be on display in the exterior pockets. Other than that, I think I’m in love!

In addition to the totes, I like some of their thermals, the collegiate spirit gear, and the Free to Be Collection.

What Thirty-One Gifts product do you like the best?