“Brewster Leads The Way” Review

February 18, 2014 in Reviews by Anna

“Brewster Leads The Way” is the latest Chugginton DVD that arrived on retail last week. The DVD is a collection of episodes that seamlessly blend nonstop fun and valuable lessons for preschool audiences.

I was given a DVD in exchange for this review, but as always…the opinions expressed here are my own!

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Brewster Leads The Way – The Latest Chuggington DVD

My boys, ages one and three (almost two and four) were very excited when we received a new movie in the mail…and it is about trains! This is something that just seems to appeal to young boys, so they were interested right away.

One thing I like about the DVD is that it contains six short episodes. You can play one episode at a time and discuss the lessons presented with your children. Topics include teamwork, things aren’t always what they seem, and more! There are examples in each episode of problem-solving…one of life’s most valuable skills! You can also play the entire DVD at once so your children can enjoy all of the episodes back-to-back for entertainment.

The DVD also contains a character montage about Brewster, a Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue music video, and…coloring and activity pages!

The theme song is catchy and the language is age-appropriate. The children get very excited to watch the episodes and they sit through all of them without losing interest. So, in my opinion, Chuggington is a great series for preschoolers.

Ludorum offers a TV show version of Chuggington that airs daily on the 24-hour Disney Junior Channel that reinforces early social readiness skills. Check your local listings for air times.

Brewster Leads The Way - A Chuggington DVD - Review by Learn Like A Mom! http://learnlikeamom.com/around-the-house/screen-time/brewster-leads-the-way-review/ ? #chuggington #trains #dvd #giveaway

“Brewster Leads The Way” retails at $14.98 and “Brewster Leads The Way” with Collectible Train retails at $16.98.

If you won this DVD, who would it be for?