Duct Tape Pirate Eye Patch and Sword

September 18, 2013 in Creations by Anna

Duct Tape Pirate Eye Patch and Sword - Learn Like A Mom!

This duct tape pirate eye patch and sword is perfect for any child (or grown-up) and is fitting for International Talk Like A Pirate Day, which is on September 19th. Of course, you may want this for Halloween, costume parties, or let’s face it…any rainy day with children in the house!

If you don’t want to spend the time creating your own, by all means, you can buy an eye patch, sword, and even more accessories! (This is an affiliate link to Amazon!) Here is ONE option for pirate fun, but Amazon carries thousands to choose from!

Now, on to the DIY version!

How to Make a Pirate Eye Patch and Sword

Materials for the Pirate Sword

One paper towel roll

One toilet paper roll

A single hole punch

Clear tape

One straw

A stapler


A pencil

Two rolls of duct tape (your choice of color and pattern)

How to Make the Pirate Sword

Step One: Press the paper towel holder down, lengthwise.

paper towel holder for duct tape sword

Step Two is four steps combined: Draw a curve for the top of the blade by rounding off a corner of the paper towel holder. Draw a slight wave at the bottom toward the handle portion of the sword. Draw a sliver of a moon from the top point to create the sword shape. Cut along all of the lines you have drawn.

Make a pirate sword blade out of a paper towel holder. -Learn Like A Mom!

Now you’ll need to grab the toilet paper roll and straw.

toilet paper roll and straw for pirate sword

Step Three: Fold in and press down on the toilet paper roll.

fold in and press down toilet paper roll for sword handle

Step Four: Insert toilet paper roll about one inch into the handle end of the paper towel roll.

connecting rolls for pirate sword

Step Five: Tape the toilet paper roll in place and punch a hole into the folded edge near the end of the handle.

tape and hole punch pirate sword

Step Six: Thread the straw into the hole and push it all the way back into the toilet paper roll.

insert straw for pirate sword handle

Step Seven: Bend the straw around and insert it all the way into the base of the blade. Staple the straw in place. (Make sure one part of the staple goes through the straw to keep it in place, or it may slip out.)

Staple a straw between the handle and blade of a pirate sword. -Learn Like A Mom!

Step Eight: Duct tape handle with one pattern of duct tape. Duct tape blade with another pattern of duct tape.

duct tape for pirate sword

Before you know it, you’ll have a duct tape pirate sword!

Duct Tape Pirate Sword - Learn Like A Mom!

After this was made, I noticed it was a little flimsy, which doesn’t matter for my boys, but you may want to slide a slim piece of cardboard into the blade before duct taping. You could also sketch what you see above onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out before duct taping, but then you wouldn’t really need the directions above!

Now, let’s make a duct tape pirate eye patch to match the sword!

Materials for a Duct Tape Pirate Eye Patch

One roll of duct tape (your choice of color or pattern)

A single hole punch

An elastic band

A piece of cardstock

A pencil

A ruler

How to Make a Duct Tape Pirate Eye Patch

Step One: On a piece of cardstock, use a ruler to measure an equilateral triangle with a perimeter of nine inches. If that is too much geometry for you, make a triangle with three equal sides that measure three inches.

triangle for pirate eye patch

Step Two: Using your pencil, roughly round out two points of the triangle and arch out toward the remaining point.

rounding off the pirate eye patch

Step Three: Cut along your rounded line. Remember, it’s better to cut it too big than too small because you can always trim more off if you need to.

cut out pirate eye patch

Hold the patch up to your eye…umm…I mean your child’s eye 😉 and make sure it’s about the right size. Once it is, continue on.

Step Four: Punch two holes into the cardstock toward the top outer “points” of the eye patch.

hole punch pirate eye patch

Step Five: Wrap the eye patch with duct tape of your choice. I don’t recommend putting too many layers over the holes because it will be harder to punch the holes a second time through the duct tape. (If you want, you can wrap first and then punch the holes…either way, it will take some strength.)

Duct tape pirate eye patch - Learn Like A Mom!

Step Six: Measure the length needed for the elastic band. I would say around the head of who will wear it, plus two inches. Again, too long is better than not long enough!

Step Seven: Thread the elastic band through the holes with the larger section of band showing on the back.

Here is the view of the back.

elastic through back of pirate eye patch

Here is the view of the front.

Duct Tape Pirate Eye Patch! - Learn Like A Mom!

Step Eight: Tie the ends of the elastic band together, while holding the patch and band around the head it will be on the most. Cut off any excess.

tie elastic of pirate eye patch

Now you have a matching duct tape pirate eye patch and sword!

Duct Tape Pirate Eye Patch and Sword - Learn Like A Mom!

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