Easy Footprint Cards

September 3, 2013 in Creations, Family by Anna

easy footprint cards

These easy footprint cards were a recent hit with the grandparents! Grandparent’s Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day, so I thought I would share how we created these cards at home in hopes that some of you might create a personalized card for the grandparents in your life! They really are simple, but with two very young children, it was easier to accomplish this task with my husband’s help. You may want to enlist an extra set of hands as you embark on this project.

How To Create Easy Footprint Cards


blank construction paper

one paintbrush


a container to hold the paint

a variety of markers

baby wipes

Steps To Create The Easy Footprint Cards:

Step One: Make sure the feet you are using are clean. We started with Big Brother so we could make the outside slants of the W first.

Step Two: Dip the paintbrush into the container of paint and then paint the foot you’ll be using.

I have found that painting the hand or foot that will be used to make a handprint or footprint is easier, cleaner, and creates a nicer print than dipping the actual hand or foot into the container of paint and then transferring it.

paint footprint

Step Three: Picture the outside strokes of a W. Leaving room to the right of the W, place one foot at an angle to create one of the larger slanted lines. Press the foot firmly onto the paper to transfer the paint.

Step Four: Wipe off the painted foot with baby wipes.

Step Five: Repeat the steps above to create the other angled line of the W. Leave space in between the heels for the interior portion of the W.

outside footrpints

Step Six: We used Little Brother’s feet to make the smaller inside slants of the W. We repeated the steps above for both of his footprints. We found it easier to have the boys make the actual prints up on the table or on the chair rather than down on the ground. Also, notice that I matched Little Brother’s left foot to the heel of Big Brother’s right foot. I thought the center would look better with the little toes overlapping. In the end, I don’t think it made any difference.

one inside footprint

Step Seven: Allow the paint to dry. (You should have a W toward the left side of the paper.)

both footprints

Step Eight: Add the letters and words to create the sentence, “We love you!” Keep in mind that the footprints are the W at the beginning of the sentence. Due to space remaining on the page, I drew a heart instead of writing the word “love.”

we love you

Step Nine: Connect the sentence together by outlining the footprints and letters with one color. This also tends to hide any small imperfections in the letters.

trace we love you

Step Ten: Once your card is complete, write a short message, sign it, and have your children draw in the empty spaces on the page to add even more personal touches.

final easy footprint cards

If you are looking for something that doesn’t involve paint, here are a few places that have something special for the grandparents in your life.

Frecklebox offers free personalized coloring pages! If you click on this link and scroll down, you’ll find a sheet for Granny and one for Gramps. When you click on those links, you can personalize them and print!

Grandparents Day offers a printable family tree your child could fill out with a grandparent!

Enchanted Learning offers printable books about grandparents! If you click on this link and scroll past the index, you’ll see a book for Grandmother and a book for Grandfather.

Starfall offers your child a chance to help Zac write a letter to his grandparents. Once the letter is written, your child can read it or have it read to them!

What is your favorite thing to create with little footprints?