Introducing Learn Like A Mom

July 15, 2013 in Learning by Anna

Well, here it is! My first official post on my very own site. I can’t believe I am finally introducing Learn Like A Mom to the world! Granted, I thought I would be doing this about a month ago, but I guess I never realized all that goes on behind the scenes of all the pages I sift through on my favorite sites. Now, to be honest, I didn’t technically have to get so detailed with the backend of my site, but as you will come to find out…I like to do things the most efficient way the first time through. This causes me to learn many lessons in life, like understanding that I don’t really need to understand it all before I get to writing and sharing.

Since this is a blog about learning practically anything, I do intend to share some of the things I learned along the way from an idea in my head to the point in time that I’m writing this. And, likely even after that, as I’m sure…and you’ll soon realize…I have more to figure out in the way of public blogging, WordPress, and social media. Please be patient with me as I try to get things up and running smoothly.

So, welcome! I am glad you have read this far. Without further ado, let me introduce Learn Like A Mom.

I’m Anna. I used to be a teacher. I always pretty much knew I wanted to be a teacher and didn’t waste a whole lot of time in college on classes that wouldn’t get me that bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate. It didn’t feel like long after that I was completing my master’s and more. I always thought I would work, but with the arrival of our first child, I learned that staying home was an option. It was a hard decision to stop doing something that I really enjoyed and had worked so hard at, but many factors led me to stay home. Then our little boy became a big brother to his little brother. Although staying home is definitely not the easiest job in the world, I absolutely love it!

As much as Mr. Llam, Big Brother, and Little Brother just love to partake in all the activities I attempt, and can’t get enough of my latest notions (note slight sarcasm), I felt like several elements were leading me in the direction of getting out there here and sharing some of these ideas and activities with others. In today’s world, I can try to do that without ever really leaving my children to go to work…or at least it’s worth a try.

On the flip side of this enticing coin, I will be the first to admit that I don’t know everything. I mean, who does? So, I’m here to learn as well. That’s why I didn’t name this site Teach Like A Mom. Who wants to hear their mother preach, uh, I mean, teach all day long? Contrary to what we may think or portray, parents don’t know everything. As a mom I had to learn how to teach all over again once I was teaching my own children. I have also had to learn a whole bunch of things I never had to deal with before becoming a parent. Being the student isn’t a bad thing. Learning through life is a wonderful thing. I hope you’ll check in regularly to see what I’ve learned and maybe learn something new yourself.