Kidecals Review

February 11, 2015 in Reviews by Anna

If you’re anything like me, there are days when you can’t remember where your keys or sunglasses are and you’re just thankful you didn’t misplace the dog!

I normally keep things in their place…even if it is in a pile with a bunch of other stuff I’ll have to sift through to find it. However, there are times when items get lost. And…they might not be at home!

This is where Kidecals comes in! In exchange for this review, I was given $30 in product, but as always my opinions are my own! Read on for the outcome of my testing and for a 15% OFF code!


Bottom line…Kidecals holds up to its motto: Delightfully Versatile and Crazy Durable!

I tested the kidecals in three ways.

I put one decal on the fabric side of a toiletry bag. I am constantly getting into and out of this bag and putting it in larger bags. I wanted to see if the kidecal would get roughed up a bit or tear off. It has handled my daily use, along with a five week trip and a large move!

Kidecals Day 1 and 107

I put another kidecal on the more cloth-like fabric of my wallet, that I am constantly retrieving from my purse, handling, or slipping back into my purse. Again, I wanted to test how secure these little stickers would be once placed and put through the test. They have held up from contant shuffle over a long period of time. There is no fading of information and the sticker still holds tight!

kidecal Day1 and 107 wallet

Finally, I put a third kidecalĀ on a child’s plastic sippy cup. Here I obviously wanted to see what constant handling and dishwashing would do with the kidecal. Now, by the looks of the picture, it didn’t hold up as well. Well, don’t judge it soley by the picture. I was going to write this review about 3-4 weeks after sticking the kidecals on these items, but as you know…I was having trouble balancing everything going on last year.

Kidecals Day1 and 22

So, at just after three weeks, I set a timer and told my four-year-old to try and get the sticker off of the sippy cup. In less than five minutes, it was off! He did ask for a screwdriver and my mom and I sat there and watched. He used the screwdriver just to lift one end of the sticker and then he started working his way under it. If he didn’t have that, I don’t know that it would have budged. And…If I didn’t tell him to mess with it, it would likely still be strong today. It lasted weeks of repeatedly being used and placed in the dishwasher. It is good to know, however, that if I grow tired of them…they can come off!

I highly recommend Kidecals for your labeling needs. They have quite the variety for all sorts of purposes. I went with a simple family logo so we could use them for just about anything around here, and added our phone number in case an item went missing away from home. (I edited that out of the pictures.)

Kidecals 2

You can label jars, supplies, shoes, even your keyboard! You can purchase wall decals! You can sort by gender, size, age, and personalize what you’d like!

Kidecals offers FREE SHIPPING on any order, no matter the price or size! They are also giving Learn Like A Mom readers 15% OFF on any order with the codeĀ ilovelabels.

What do you like labeling?