What is a linky?

August 8, 2013 in Learning by Anna


I’m sure there are more technical sites that can explain what a linky is, but allow me to show you a few examples that might help you understand in case you’ve never heard of one before or hesitate to snoop around once you find yourself in the middle of a linky party.

I remember the first time I started seeing giveaway linky parties on Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House. (In fact,the link right there will take you to her latest giveaway linky party.) I never really understood how it worked, but in that particular case, it linked to a bunch of different sites that had giveaways they were trying to promote.

Let’s Hear It For The Boy Thursday is a linky party that four other bloggers host. (I linked up this week with my DIY Cardboard Airplane Post.) I enjoy this because…obviously with boys…I’m always open to new and exciting things to keep them busy! All summer long there have been more ideas than I’d ever have time to attempt, but it’s great to check them all out. And, truth be told, even if you have girls or a combo of the two genders, many of these activities would likely be appealing in your household too! I encourage you to check them out! If you have a blog and want to link, just head on over there (to any one of the hosting blogs) and start linking up!

So, never heard of a linky before? Well, this is how they do it for Let’s Hear It For The Boy Thursday…

Each week, the four bloggers choose to highlight one of the posts that participated in the linky from the previous week. That means that four are highlighted, BUT…then people link up to these posts with their boy-related posts and appear on all four linky party hosts’ posts. It sounds confusing, but it’s not, once you take a look. Click on any one of these hosting blog’s sites and you’ll see their Let’s Hear It For The Boy Thursday #16 post and scroll down, and you’ll see all the links (including mine) that will take you directly to the topic you find interesting enough to click on. Seriously…no matter how I try to explain it, you just need to click through and see for yourself. (I gain nothing from this, I just wanted to post about it and share it with you.)

Here are this week’s picks:

Kim from Seven-Thirty-Three chose a Paper Towel Tube Go-Kart by Collage of Dreams.

Heidi from Happiness Is Homemade chose Family Olympics by Nap-Time Creations.

Sara from Mom Endeavors chose Back To School Countdown Chain by What I Live For.

Allison from All The Boys chose DIY Pirate Costume by Crafts-N-Things.

Now, they have pictures in their posts and all the posts look quite similar, but if you want to follow these blogs, they’ve gone through 16 weeks (so far) of similar linky parties. It’s also fun to click on the links at the linky party! Duh! That’s why they are encouraging people to link up! So they can share ideas and network.

So, now I hope you have learned what is meant when someone refers to a linky!