Personalize Your Life With Minted!

March 1, 2014 in Reviews by Anna

Minted is an online stationery store that brings personality to every corner of your life. In their words, it “brings you the best of Indie design from a global community of independent designers. Personalize a design and make it your own.”

I was given credit to Minted for this post, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Personalize your life with Minted. - Learn Like A Mom!  #minted #homedecor

In addition to paperie, personalized gifts, and party decor, Minted offers wall art prints.

The limited edition wall art prints are printed on your choice of archival paper or acid and lignin-free paper, in various sizes, and created by independent artists.

With over 300 to choose from, you can filter your choices by size, style, shape, type, color, and even where you want it displayed.

One thing I really like about the filter selection is that when I choose my options, I don’t even have to wait for another page to load. The prints available meeting my requirements appear below the filter menu!

There are so many to choose from! We are in a period of transition around here, so the following jumped out at me a bit.

Grand Canyon Serenity, a Limited Edition Print by Josh McClendon reminds me of where I’ve spent a lot of time.

Grand Canyon Serenity by Josh McClendon - Learn Like A Mom!  #minted #homedecor

Anita Kingsley’s Limted Edition Print, All The Countries of the World represents all of the travel we’ve done and all that’s left to do.

All The Countries of the World by Anita Kingsley - Learn Like A Mom!  #minted #homedecor

Home Sweet Homea Limited Edition Print by Paper Rose signifies the home we’ve created for our family. (The number on the home can be personalized!) Bringing the babies home here will make it hard to leave.

Home Sweet Home by Paper Rose - Learn Like A Mom!  #minted #homedecor

Annie Seaton’s Limited Edition Print, Waiting for Swell, 2010 shows where we’re heading in life, and a hobby that my boys might get into that will leave me on the beach, as nervous as can be!

Waiting for Swell, 2010 by Annie Seaton - Learn Like A Mom!  #minted #homedecor

Needless to say, I spent a bit of time on here checking out all of the options that Minted offers for wall art prints! I didn’t even get to browse around the other items they have to offer.

I did check out Julep though! That’s their blog. The look and feel of the entire site calms you immediately! So different than the way I actually feel most of the time!

I really liked this post and tutorial (with a free printable) by MerMag‘s Merrilee Liddiard: DIY Eraser Stamp Rainbow Art! It’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, but honestly I think you could use it to reinforce colors, practice fine motor skills, or even do during units about weather! The technique can be used for all sorts of stamping projects!

Dotted Rainbow Art by Mer Mag on Julep - Learn Like A Mom!  #minted #homedecor

The next time you’re looking to personalize your space or brighten the life of someone you care about, check out Minted for everything they have to offer!

What is your favorite piece shown above?