Ten Anniversary Ideas

November 13, 2013 in Family by Anna

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Mr. Llam and recently celebrated ten years of marriage we had great travel plans which were changed a few times. (Traveling is one of our favorite hobbies, but we’re not going crazy like we used to. In fact our last trip inspired me to write this road trip packing list. Before having kids we could simply throw a few bags in the car or catch a plane!)

Turns out we were only able to get away for one night in a local hotel. We had an adult dinner at a restaurant with no kids…and we chose one that caters to an adult crowd so we didn’t deal with other people’s children either.

We woke up to no responsibility in the morning and went to a late breakfast before heading home. We didn’t check-out of the hotel one minute earlier than necessary.

Just the simplicity of 24 hours without children in tow sounds wonderful to me! Don’t get me wrong. I love them dearly, but if you’re with your children all the time, I know you crave a break every now and then too! I think a tenth anniversary calls for a short break and I’m glad we had one together!

I recently asked my Facebook fans if they had any neat anniversary ideas.

You remember, right?

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Here’s what I asked: “What is one of the best things you’ve ever heard of someone doing for their anniversary, or maybe you did for one of your’s? All ideas are welcome, no matter how big or small!”

They must like traveling too because that was the number one idea I received. Let’s go through the list!

Ten Anniversary Ideas

1. Travel! Becca went on a four-day trip to Cancun, Mexico. Rita traded in a planned four-day cruise to the Bahamas for a two-day trip to the mountains in North Carolina (because of furloughs). Danielle spent a few days at the Waldorf in New York City. Erica went on a seven-day cruise around the Mexican Riviera (and took the kids). Near or far, try to get out for a few days!

2. A Night Away! Lisa shared the idea of a little casita with a mini private pool, and others said just a night at a nice hotel. One night away from the norm can rejuvenate the mind and body, or in this case…the relationship!

3. Dinner…Together…Just the Two of You! Joan said they keep it simple and go out for dinner, just the two of them. Stephanie said some restaurants, like McCormick and Schmick’s, will create a special menu just for you with your names and anniversary printed on it. Whether it’s personalized or not, a dinner without friends or family can help you focus on one another.

Those were the top three ideas offered by more than one person that replied to my Facebook question. The next four are ideas shared by only one person.

4. Recreate Your First Date! Now, for us this would involve a trip to Italy, but for you it may be a bit easier than that. However, when Lisa suggested this, I told her I didn’t know how we could do it. She said…Go to an Italian Restaurant and see if they’ll work with you. This is a great way to reminisce.

5. Have a Scavenger Hunt! Now, you have to know that I absolutely LOVE scavenger hunts, so I obviously love Melissa’s idea of having a scavenger hunt through various hints that lead up to a big surprise, gift, or activity. In her case…it led to #2 on this list! This sort of activity keeps you guessing and builds suspense.

6.Create Something! Ana said that she makes hearts out of construction paper and writes her favorite memories of him or their time together and also things she just loves about him and then reads the hearts to him. This is just plain romantic!

7. Get Sexy! Now, this may have different meanings for different folks. Stephanie said sexy lingerie and high heels should do the trick! Let’s face it. Sex is important in every romantic relationship, so spice it up a bit for a special occasion.

The final three ideas are just ideas found online!

8. Make a Corn Maze Replica of Your Wedding Photo! Obviously most of us can’t do this, but Erica shared this idea on my Facebook page from an actual 50th Wedding Anniversary surprise! I can’t imagine how much work that took. I also can’t imagine how this list might change by the time we’re celebrating 50 years together.

9. Celebrate with Family and Friends! Have a party and invite some people to celebrate with you! Being married for a decade seems to be a big thing these days, so enjoy it! This was the first idea on Family Share. You can make it a big party or a simple gathering, but make it about you and your relationship for sure! Don’t lose sight of that while planning and carrying out the ordeal.

10. Do Something New! This idea is #5 on this Money Crashers List. Make a list of things you’ve never done before (skydiving, a hot air balloon ride, visiting the nearest state park, rock climbing, scuba diving, underwater basket weaving), and plan to do one. Then keep the list for another year! I like this one because it could help you find a new love to enjoy together for years to come!

What is your favorite way to say “I love you?”