Banana and Chocolate Pilgrim Hats

November 12, 2013 in Creations, Recipes by Anna

A slightly more nutritious option for a sweet treat are these banana and chocolate pilgrim hats! Let’s not forget cute too!

When pilgrim hats came to mind, I searched to see what’s out there. Most are made from cookies or candy, but what I had in mind called for something a little different. In the end the combination of chocolate and bananas was perfect!

Each pilgrim hat turns out a little bit different than the next. But that’s because you’re working with bananas and melted chocolate.

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Banana and Chocolate Pilgrim Hats! - Learn Like A Mom! #chocolatepilgrimhats #pilgrimhats #thanksgivingtreat

Banana and Chocolate Pilgrim Hats

Ingredients for Pilgrim Hats


Baker’s Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate Squares OR give this microwavable tub a try!

Yellow Cake Mate Writing Icing

Silver Cake Mate Glitter Gel

Steps for Making Pilgrim Hats

Step One: Peel the bananas. (I only used one for this demonstration.)

banana for pilgrim hats

Step Two: Cut the banana to form hats to your desired height.

I also took time to shave off a portion here or there so the hats would stand up straighter.

This needs to be done because of the natural shape of a banana.

cut banana for pilgrim hats

Step Three: Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or freezer paper. Place desired amount of bananas on top of it.

use baking sheet for pilgrim hats

Step Four: Unwrap one square of Baker’s chocolate squares and heat according to the directions on the packaging.

(I only used one square because of the number of pilgrim hats I was making. You may need to melt more.)

OR follow the directions on the microwavable tub.

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chocolate for pilgrim hats

Melt chocolate for pilgrim hats

Step Five: Using a spoon, drizzle the melted chocolate over the one banana “hat” at a time, being sure to cover all of the sides and allowing some to circle around the banana forming the pilgrim hat brim.

drizzle chocolate for pilgrim hats

Step Six: Repeat the chocolate drizzle over all of the bananas.

melted chocolate on all bananas for pilgrim hats

Step Seven: Place the cookie sheet inside a freezer (flat) for 30 minutes or until chocolate hardens over the bananas.

Step Eight: Using the yellow Cake Mate writing icing, draw a buckle on each pilgrim hat. (You can choose to stop here for option number one.)

add the buckles for the pilgrim hats

Step Nine: Use the same writing icing to draw a ring over the brim of the pilgrim hat. (You can stop here for option number two.)

make the brim for the pilgrim hats

Step Ten: Using the glitter gel, you can add a little sparkle to your pilgrim hats by going over the yellow writing icing. (This is option three.)

writing icing for the pilgrim hats

Whether you stop at option one, two, or three for your banana and chocolate pilgrim hats, they are sure to be a crowd pleaser and a cute addition to any table this Thanksgiving.

Banana and Chocolate Pilgrim Hats! - Learn Like A Mom! #chocolatepilgrimhats #pilgrimhats #thanksgivingtreat

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