Two Rake Head Holders

November 21, 2013 in Creations by Anna

It’s really simple to convert an old rake head into a repurposed functional piece to add to your home! I think it’s perfect for keys or coffee mugs!

I have a friend that likes making use out of old things and when I found out she was moving, I decided to make her family a gift for their new home. Since she’s a Georgia Bulldog, I chose red. Obviously you can choose whatever color you would like!

Although there are several ways to change an old rake head, I’ll walk you through what I did.

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Two Rake Head Holders - Organize and display your coffee mugs or keys on a repurposed rake head! Learn Like A Mom!

Materials for Rake Head Holder

An old rake head, removed from the rake handle. If you don’t have one, you can buy one like this.

Steel Wool


Gloves (I used a pair like these. You just want to make sure you protect your hands.)

Spray Paint

Steps for Making Rake Head Holders

Step One: Scrub the rake head with CLR and steel wool to make it as clean as possible. (Depending on the condition of the rake head you are using, you may need to adjust the amount of cleaning needed.)

Step Two: Prop the rake head up. (You can see I used a branch and placed it on some rocks.) You want to protect whatever surface you are using. Spray the rake head as evenly as possible. Follow the directions on the can and after the appropriate wait time, you will need to reposition the rake head and respray from different angles. Repeat until you are satisfied.

spray paint rake head

Step Three: Hang your rake head. I would suggest searching for a stud in the wall because if you are hanging a large amount of mugs, it may get heavy. I hung this just for the purpose of these pictures, so I used a nail. You may prefer something with a hook, but I will leave that up to you.

If you are using one like this, you can probably skip most of these steps unless you want it to be a different color, but it has three wall mounting loops for easy installation.

hang rake head holder


Hang rake head holder

Step Four: Hang your keys.

DIY Rake Head Key Holder! Learn Like A Mom!

Or Step Four: Hang your coffee mugs.

DIY Rake Head Mug Holder! Learn Like A Mom!


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What is something else you might hang from an old rake head that has now been transformed?

DIY Rake Head Coffee Mug or Key Holder! - Learn Like A Mom!


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