Fish Tacos

October 8, 2013 in Recipes by Anna

These fish tacos are filling without making you feel full. Make sense?

The ingredients are fresh and light, but you’ll only be wanting more because they taste so good!

They are a favorite around our house and they’re fairly simple to make.

These fish tacos use spicy mayo, which is a recipe within this recipe!

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Fish Tacos - Learn Like A Mom! With fresh and light ingredients, these fish tacos will leave you satisfied without guilt! #fishtacosrecipe #spicymayorecipe

Ingredients for Fish Tacos

Chipotle Mayonnaise (I’ll show you how simple that is in a second.)

Corn Tortillas

Tilapia Fillets

Flour for Dredging

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh Cilantro


Shredded Cabbage or Cole Slaw Mix

Recipe for Chipotle Mayo

I learned how to keep this for future recipes from the Rachael Ray Show. The freezing process is very easy to do.

You only need chipotle peppers in adobo sauce and a jar of mayonnaise to make this spicy mayo.

Don’t worry…it is not too spicy. But definitely make it because it makes the fish tacos!

Step One: In a food processor or blender, blend the contents of the can.

Reserve 2T of it to use for now and store the rest in the freezer.

Here’s how to freeze the chipotle peppers: Put the pureed chipotle in adobo into a sandwich size plastic bag, roll out all of the air and seal it, date and label it and pop it into the freezer until you need it again.

When you need it again, you’ll just break off however much of the peppers you’ll need.

chipotle in adobo for fish tacos

Step Two: Combine about 2T of the chipotle in adobo with 1/2C-3/4C of mayonnaise.

Mix to taste. Add a little chipotle at a time until you get the spice level to your liking.

This is great on sandwiches or with any other meat if you wind up with leftovers after this recipe, so don’t toss it out! In fact, I used some leftovers for Steak and Potato Cakes.

make chipotle mayo for fish tacos

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So, now that we’ve established how to make the chipotle mayo, let’s talk fish!

Recipe for Fish Tacos

Step One: Dry the tilapia fillets with some paper towels and then dredge them in a shallow dish of flour.

Then place them into the 2T of hot oil in the skillet.

Let them cook on one side until you see that they are done. Flip and cook through on the reverse side. This should only be a few minutes on each side, but be sure to cook them thoroughly.

Place cooked fish onto paper towels to soak up the oil. Then continue with more fish fillets.

dredge tilapia fillets and fry for fish tacos

Step Two: Cut up the cilantro.

lightly fried tilapia fillets for fish tacos

Step Three: Cut the fish into smaller pieces and drizzle it with fresh lime juice.

lime juice on tilapia fillets for fish tacos

Step Four: Warm the corn tortillas.

warm corn tortillas for fish tacos

Step Five: Build your tacos! Spread the spicy mayo on the corn tortillas, add some fish, cabbage, and cilantro and drizzle with more lime juice if you’d like.

cabbage and cilantro for fish tacos

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I don’t add any sour cream, guacamole, or salsa to this recipe. I think it’s beautiful because it’s simple! Enjoy!

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